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Fabric Options

  • Naturalness

    We combined comfort and ease of use with naturalness in the fabric.


    We bring together the best quality fabric brands in the industry and Macitler Furniture designs.


    Fabric options that do not stain and can be wiped clean easily.

  • Velvet OPTIONS

    Absolutely see the collection of fine velvet textiles you will not find anywhere else..

  • unlimited options

    We are pushing the boundaries in fabric selection.

  • Furniture First

    First, let's choose the furniture that appeals to you. Determine the size and model.

  • Your fabric need

    Secondly, you need fabrics and fabrics with what features. Natural tissue? Cleaning? Velvet? Or is it completely leather?

  • Colours

    When you come to the region you will think most colour selection. After you choose the color, let's look at 3D modeling how you stand in your furniture.

  • Preferences

    In line with your preferences, your fabrics and furniture are sent to the production unit

  • Happy Furniture

    All of your favorite furniture in the colors , the size and the features you wish.


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