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The Inspiration

Avian; a self inspired design organization which innovates in par excellence which inputs zeal of inspiration and enthusiasm which not only strives the company to move forward but helps us discover our new breath line in the field mixed with optimum creation.

In addition to its indoor and outdoor furniture and lifestyle offerings, Avian offers tailor-made projects, crafted according to consumers specific needs, making it the ideal partner in projects for private dwellings as well as luxury contract proposals. Avian’s home philosophy speaks to a new way to regard furnishing- not strictly linked to the product, but linked to a way of living and linked to how the furniture will be used within its owner’s lifestyle. This vision has been the driving force in increased demand for Avian and the company’s unique expansion.

Equipped with imports of 52 different companies from all around the world, and the excellence of the quality of manufacturing in India which results in a creation that remains unparallelly unmatched for decades.

Committed towards adhering to delivering nothing the best to the customer; experience the new Era in design.